About Us


Velvet Hanger is a Female Veteran Founded Company. We are focused on creating an impactful experience for women; centered around style, travel, and promoting self-love and healing.


Shopping for clothing can be such a fun and exciting experience, but for some, it can also be challenging, especially when shopping online. We provide vivid and relatable product descriptions to make choosing the perfect items effortless. We can also offer suggestions for styling and ideal places to wear your new favorites. To us, style is personal; it’s a way to show the world a bit of who you are or what you represent. Let us help you express yourself!


The world is such a beautiful place, and we believe that travel should be experienced by all who wish to explore the world. Check out our blog and come along with us as we seek new adventures in hopes of discovering beautiful and exciting things while showing the world who we are through personal style. Hopefully, we can inspire you to pursue your next adventure!



Let’s normalize loving on and taking care of ourselves unapologetically. What does self-love look like to you? For us, it's dancing, solo date nights, walks on the beach at sunrise, sitting under a big shady tree with a good book, buying a beautiful new dress, making a delicious meal for one, a nice massage or taking some time to just BE alone with ourselves. We’ll share some of our self-love favorites on our blog as we encourage you to share your favorite self-love rituals as well.

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