Travel With Us - Best Murals In Nashville & Other Cool (and risky) Things

Travel With Us - Best Murals In Nashville & Other Cool (and risky) Things

Mid-Pandemic Weekend in Nashville, TN - Masks Up!


We traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, smack dab in the middle of the COVID Pandemic because we just could not stand being locked in any longer. We were on a mission to find as many cool murals as possible during our weekend trip, along with good food, drinks, and the “safest” fun we could find. 

Risking Our Lives for Photos? Not Really

Some may feel like traveling during the pandemic was just too risky for them, but for us, we made sure to follow the guidelines whenever we were near others, said our prayers, and left the rest to the powers that be. Nashville is chock full of really cool murals that are ever-changing. We found that some that we had researched before our trip were now gone and replaced with new art. The best part of the whole risking our lives for photo ops thing was that there were no long lines of people waiting for their turns. We were able to spend as much time perfecting our poses as we wanted.

Here’s a list of a few of our favorites:

  • Candy Hearts Gulch Mural - 601 8th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203
  • The Kind Mural - 1119 4th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208
  • WhatLiftsYou Wings Mural - 302 11th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203
  • The Nashville Walls Project - 11th Avenue S & Laurel St, Nashville, TN 37203
  • Drawbertson Drippy Lips Mural - 1814 21st Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212
  • Women Mural - Charlotte Pike & 49th Ave N, Nashville, TN 32709
  • Kelsey Montague Art Hot Air Balloon Mural - 1032-1078 W Eastland Ave, Nashville, TN 37206
  • Terra Drift Mural - 500 Gallatin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206


So What’s There to Do When Honky-Tonk Town is Locked Down?

We probably set our expectations a little high when planning this trip. We thought that things would be a bit more open and relaxed than they were, but we made the best of it. Most restaurants and bars closed between 10-11:30 pm, and everything was operating at a limited capacity, so we got a little creative with our food and fun adventures in Nashville. By day we sought out a few local favorites such as Party Fowl and Hattie B’s for Nashville Hot Chicken and The Hampton Social for lobster rolls. We also made our way over to Five Daughters Bakery to try the 100 Layer Donut, and boy was it delicious!

Music Row is famous for honky-tonk bars with food and live music blasting all day and night. During our trip, the row was less busy and much quieter than expected, with just a few bars showcasing local talent. Patrons had to stay seated unless masked, and there was no dancing allowed anywhere that we visited, which kind of took the fun out of things for us. Not the type to give up easily, we were determined to dig deep and find the fun stuff! We snagged tickets to a fantastic dinner and magic show at House of Cards. The food was great, but the highlight of the night was having the magician perform table-side. The performance was stellar! It’s truly a must-see event. We were determined to put our dancing boots to use on our last night and were lucky enough to find The Nashville Tractor. The tractor was bumping and jumping with fun! It’s a tractor converted to a party machine. We rode the tractor for about an hour or so as it blasted music for us to dance the ride away; fun games and even drinks were available. It was well worth the ride!

Although we may not have been able to partake in the full Nashville experience, we had a great time, ate delicious food, stayed COVID-free, and met some pretty amazing people along the way! We can’t wait to return to Nashville when things are back to normal. It’s a trip worth taking!


Everything In Between...

Lodging: To ensure that we could move about our lodging quarters freely amid all of the restrictions, we booked a cozy Airbnb. 

Self-Love/Self-Care: Tennessee is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls. We hiked at Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park during our downtime to spend time near the waterfalls. It was so beautiful and relaxing. 

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