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Designed with You in Mind, Velvet Hanger Features a Store for Working Women Looking for Items that Easily Transition from Office to Dinner, Dates, and More. Our Blog Focuses on Topics Related to Style, Travel, and Self-Love.

  • Nashville Blog

    Travel With Us: Best Murals In Nashville & Other Cool (and risky) Things

    Have you ever been to Nashville? If not, check out our blog for a few reasons why taking a trip to Honky Tonk Town might be just the place you need to go for a getaway.

  • Charleston, SC Blog

    Road Trippin' - Solo in South Carolina

    We took a weekend road trip to Charleston, South Carolina, searching for adventure, history, and good food. We found them all. If this interests you, check out our blog for a few ideas for your next trip to Charleston.

  • On the mend - mental health blog

    On the Mend: Therapy, Prayer, and Other Ways to Get Yo’ Healing!

    This blog features an intimate read related to mental health. If you or someone you know deals with mental health issues. Please take a moment to read and recommend it to someone who could use it. 

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